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Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection All Along the Supply Chain

Since CHEPLAPHARM does not have any production facilities of its own, we estimate our own environmental risk profile as low. Our direct environmental footprint (e.g. Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions, electricity consumption, water consumption) is significantly smaller than that of other companies of the pharmaceutical industry.

Apart from that, we are of course well aware of the tremendous responsibility we bear when it comes to ensuring high environmental standards all along our supply chain. We reflect this responsibility in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, among other things by gathering comprehensive data from our suppliers so that we can expand the existing criteria for our supplier selection process and establish minimum environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards.

The survey we conducted among our suppliers in 20201 revealed that 79%2 of them have an environmental management system in place that is certified to EMAS or ISO 14001 (or equivalent standards); 64%3 have measured their CO2 emissions and 71%4 the amount of toxic emissions from their pharmaceutical production processes; 93%5 have measured their electricity and water consumption. In addition, 57%6 at least to some extent made use of self-generated renewable energies.

Environment in the spotlight

At our Greifswald headquarters we can make a direct and positive difference for the environment especially through new construction and renovation of existing buildings. The construction of a photovoltaic system and the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles on our premises are just some examples of how seriously we take our responsibility.  

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  1. Responses were received for a total purchase volume of 30.82% (based on 2020 figures).
  2. Responses corresponded to a total purchase volume of 26.05%.
  3. Responses corresponded to a total purchase volume of 20.50%.
  4. answers corresponded to a total purchase volume of 26.24%.
  5. answers corresponded to a total purchase volume of 30.38%.
  6. answers corresponded to a total purchase volume of 19.07%.

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