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ESG Ratings

Several ESG rating agencies provide an independent assessment of our ESG profile. Since 2020, the ESG rating agency Sustainalytics has been evaluating CHEPLAPHARM's ESG information and since 2022, we have received an ESG rating from S&P.

Sustainalytics uses a rating system on a scale of 0 to 50, where a lower score means a better ESG risk rating. In Sustainalytics' latest ESG rating, CHEPLAPHARM receives a score of 27.4 ("medium risk"). This result places CHEPLAPHARM in the top 15% of companies within the "Pharmaceuticals" sector.

In the "Corporate Sustainability Assessment" of the rating agency S&P, CHEPLAPHARM is currently rated with 21 points. This means that we are currently among the top 31% of companies in the "Pharmaceuticals" sector.

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More information on ESG topics and how Cheplapharm deals with them can be found in the following documents for download:

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