Whether you are a graduate of higher education, young professional or experienced job seeker: If you apply for a job, you want to know how you can best prepare for the application process at CHEPLAPHARM. In this section, you will find some of the most important questions – and the answers to those questions.


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Making Sure Your Application is Well Received

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I best apply for a job?

Quickly, directly and in an environmentally sensitive manner. Please send applications ONLY via our career pages.

We recommend that you upload your CV first, then the form will be filled in automatically. By using this channel, you save costs, protect the environment and ensure that your application directly reaches the right contact within our Company. Please do not send us applications by post.

What are the main selection criteria for employment?

In addition to your previous job experience and qualifications, experience in a pharma environment may be an advantage. Many positions also require a good command of English and/or German. Beyond the formal requirements, we are looking to recruit people who can relate to the values of CHEPLAPHARM.

What documents do I need?

Cover letter, CV and certificates/references (leaving certificates and employer references)

What is the application process like?

  1. You upload your application
  2. Your application will be automatically forwarded to the competent Specialist Department
  3. Within 14 days, you will receive either an invitation for a job interview or a letter of refusal.

I have not found a vacancy that suits my profile. Can I send a speculative application?

Yes, you are welcome to do so. Your application will then be included in our pool of applicants where it can be reviewed by all specialist departments. During this review, we may even identify an eligibility criterion you were not aware of.

How can I best prepare for the interview?

Familiarise yourself with the special characteristics of CHEPLAPHARM. Analyse which aspects of the vacancy offered are challenging to you and how you can use your strengths to meet those challenges.

Can I apply for more than one position at the same time?

If you have a diverse profile that qualifies you for more than one of the openings published, then please use the appropriate application form to apply for each of them.

Are the vacancies in the career portal up to date?

Our vacancies are updated on a regular basis.

Current Vacancies

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