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Our headquarters are located in Greifswald, on the German Baltic Sea coast. People here have for centuries lived with an appetite for new experiences – curious, interested in foreign cultures, inventive and visionary.


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A Location with Exciting Prospects

Living and Working with a Vision

Young. Alive. Innovative.

Our main location is anything but a coincidence. Because what our environment stands for is also reflected in our company and as an employer. On the coast of Western Pomerania, between the two Baltic Sea islands of Rügen and Usedom, lies the university and Hanseatic city of Greifswald with its approximately 60,000 inhabitants. CHEPLAPHARM, currently with 460 employees from over 25 nations, is part of a regional growth engine in a multicultural atmosphere. As a globally active specialty pharmaceutical company, we provide a variety of work settings for our employees. Thanks to our state-of-the-art facility and flexibility policies, we offer employees remove workplace solutions in many areas.

It's young here. More than 10,000 students and 13,000 children ensure that Greifswald is one of the youngest cities in Germany, with an average age of just over 42 years.

Here it is alive. The city makes it easy to enjoy living, working and just feeling good here. The high quality of life, the proximity to the islands of Usedom and Rügen, and attractive job opportunities, create a lively environment where careers and private lives can lived fully.

A creative and innovative community, the university houses  more than 70 high-tech research institutes and successful companies. About one third of all Greifswalders work in research, development, and higher education. Every year, 1,500 students complete their studies. Many stay to start their professional careers here in science and businesses that are making a name for themselves in energy, electronics, maritime economy, tourism and healthcare.

A city to develop your career. Many university graduates start their careers at CHEPLAPHARM to gain experience and benefit from the attractive entry-level jobs. Many stay to enjoy personal development opportunities in our international company and create lasting careers.


Noticeably pleasant community.

In Greifswald, quality of life is palpable and a joy to in everyday life – whether you are out and about in the city itself or taking advantage of the diversity of sports or cultural opportunities.

This Hanseatic city also offers great quality of life for families, offering an impressive range of childcare options. For example, there are around 40 daycare, after-school or day-care facilities with room for more than 4,000 children in the city. Thus, working parents can take good care of their families while enjoying interesting and rewarding careers.

...Tradition meets Innovation

It is rare to find a place where tradition and innovation form such a positive connection as in our university and Hanseatic city. With its varied 750-year history, Greifswald has long offered a promising future as a dynamic, innovative science and business location.

... Great Environmental Awareness 

Environmental awareness adds value when it is actively lived. With sustainable efforts and projects that achieve success in environmental and climate protection. Greifswald is a pioneer among Germany's municipalities. This is reflected in the city's nomination for the renowned German Sustainability Award 2021. It also is evident in the growing reputation of Greifswald as the "secret" bicycle capital of Germany, as shown by recent Stadtradeln campaign studies.

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