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CHEPLAPHARM signed deal

Greifswald, 13/10/2021

This week Cheplapharm agreed with Sanofi on an asset-deal of 10 established products. The portfolio consists of three corticosteroids, one topic antibiotic and one combination of topic antibiotic and corticosteroid. It is distributed in more than 15 countries, including  Egypt, Mexico and France. The closing of the transaction is scheduled for the first quarter 2022. 

The APIs of the referring products are Prednisolone (as NA Methylsulpho Benzoate, NA Phosphate and Acetate), Deflazacort, Prednisone, Framycetin Sulfate (and also in combination with Gramicidin and Dexamethasone). The registered brand names of the products in this portfolio are Deflazacort®/Calcort®/Flantadin®, Otodex®/Soframycin®, Sofradex®/Sofracort®, Hydrocortancyl®, Solupred® and Cortancyl®/Prednisona®. The product name varies depending on the country in which it is marketed.

The transaction includes product registrations, intellectual property, certain contracts and inventory. The deal does not include any transfer of manufacturing facilites or employees.

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