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CHEPLAPHARM Arzneimittel GmbH


Pharmaceutical product was taken over from AstraZeneca and is distributed in Europe

CHEPLAPHARM, headquartered in Mesekenhagen (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany) is continuing its internationalization strategy. The rights for a highly profitable product have been acquired from the Swedish-English pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. “We substantially strengthen our position as provider of niche products with the takeover of HEMINEVRIN® /DISTRANEURIN®”, says CEO Sebastian F. Braun.

With immediate effect, CHEPLAPHARM is the only European company having the active substance Clomethiazole integrated in its portfolio. This ingredient is available only on prescription and applied in the treatment of withdrawal symptoms, acute confusion symptoms and severe insomnia.

HEMINEVRIN® /DISTRANEURIN®, with its active substance Clomethiazole, currently generates a turnover of more than 10 million USD in Europe. During the transition phase, AstraZeneca continues to distribute the pharmaceutical product.

Braun states: “With this substantial expansion of our product portfolio, we will further advance the internationalization of our business model. The share of exports of currently 19% will increase to more than 40% in 2011.”

Braun is confident that his company will generate a turnover of 20 million EURO. Including the Hamburg-based subsidiary Walter Ritter GmbH & Co. KG, this figure might even increase to 25 million EURO. In this context, Braun is reflecting on the start in December 2003: “At this time we achieved an annual turnover of half a million EURO.”

Due to this product acquisition, five highly-qualified jobs will be created in the headquarters in Mesekenhagen close to Greifswald. Thus, the number of employees is continuously growing to more than 30 since the foundation in 2003. Braun is certain: “We are making an important contribution to the development of the region´s labor market”.

In 2003, CHEPLAPHARM moved into the spacious office facilities in Mesekenhagen with three employees. Now one could have imagined that all offices will be occupied at some point. Meanwhile, the company is bursting at the seams. Only recently, a new employee moved into the last free office.


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