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CHEPLAPHARM donates over €200,000 for Christmas

This year CHEPLAPHARM donates €200,000 for the association Deutsch-Afrikanische Zusammenarbeit e.V. and 4.000€ for the Christmas Campaign of the Ostsee-Zeitung

In this year also CHEPLAPHARM would like to start the Christmas holidays with a good deed. The association Deutsche-Afrikanische Zusammenarbeit e.V. (DAZ) (German-African Cooperation) will receive a donation of €200,000 for Christmas. The donation will be used to purchase an X-ray machine and a computer tomogram for the hospital in Cinkassé, Togo, and thus to bring the hospital's diagnostics up to European standards. The donation will particularly benefit the hospital's maternity ward. Starting next year, it will be possible to perform cesarean sections there for the first time, which will mean that pregnant women will no longer have to be taken to the city 3 ½ hours away to give birth by cesarean section. Mortality can thus be massively reduced. The city of Cinkassé is currently home to approximately 70,000 people - with nearly 600 births requiring a cesarean section.

The association DAZ e.V. is a non-profit association, which has set itself the goal since 2002 to support the people in Togo in the fight against poverty, school education, studies, training as well as with material and financial means. The association is always happy to receive volunteers both as new members and to help with project work or simple donations.

The second donation, worth €2,000 will benefit the Ostsee-Zeitung's annual Christmas campaign "Helfen bringt Freude" (helping brings joy). Each year, the local editorial offices of the Ostsee-Zeitung select new projects to be supported by the donations. This year, the local editorial office in Greifswald has decided to donate the proceeds to the Kreisdiakonisches Werk Greifswald e.V. (diaconia of the district). The team of the Kreisdiakonisches Werk takes care of the support of people "who have fallen through the net of society" in the day center.

In addition, a donation of €2,000 goes to the "Helfen bringt Freude" (helping brings joy) project of the Usedom local editorial office. The Usedom local editorial office has used the fundraising campaign this year to bring joy to several recipients. Under the slogan "(M)eine Spende: Zwei Gewinner" (one/my donation: two winners), the donations are intended to help associations, volunteers and initiatives in particular, which have been looking after the well-being of those in need of help in recent months, thus giving them the recognition they need.

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