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Corona Virus (COVID-19) Impact on CHEPLAPHARM activities

Dear Customer,

Due to the COVID-19 Situation, CHEPLAPHARM Arzneimittel GmbH is closely monitoring the potential impact on the various Supply Chalns and is committed to keep a transparent approach to all involved Partners, Customers and Authorities.

We have prepared in this regards a list of the most common questions and answers associated to COVID-19, please see below:

1/ ls CHEPLAPHARM directly impacted by COVID-19?

No, we are not impacted. CHEPLAPHARM has implemented preventive actions to minimize the risk of business impact, e.g. health protection of our employees.

2/ ls CHEPLAPHARM or a supplier of CHEPLAPHARM manufacturing in Wuhan City or the Hubei province?

No, we do not have any active suppliers or partners producing in this province.

3/ ls CHEPLAPHARM or a supplier of CHEPLAPHARM manufacturing in ltaly, France or Spain?

Yes, we do have suppliers or partners producing in these countries. Currently our suppliers are running their production with slightly reduced capacities. This is the result of a reduced number of employees. Our suppliers in Italy are officially classified by the government as "Pharma & Food" and therefore not affected by plant closures.

4/ Are any other locations worldwide affected by restricted related to COVID-19?

We remain in dose contact with all our suppliers and receive weekly status reports in this regard. Currently our suppliers, e.g. in Spain or France, are monitoring the Situation in Italy very closely and establishing appropriate precautionary measures very early on.

5/ Does CHEPLAPHARM have a warehouse in China or other affected regions?

We do not have a warehouse in China or outside Germany.

6/ ls CHEPLAPHARM already experiencing delivery issues for the above reasons?

We do not have currently negative impact due to COVID-19 on the Supply Chain. We closely monitor the situation at a weekly basis.

7/ Does CHEPLAPHARM see risks from current or planned border closures within the European Union?

At present, we are seeing longer lead-times for shipments to Germany and other EU countries. Transport capacities are also generally reduced and freight costs are rising. The "Green Lanes" that have been set up in the meantime have been able to significantly reduce waiting times for medical devices.

Airfreight: There are also shifts or cancellations for planned routes. Our logistics department is in daily contact with our partners and is informed about current capacities and alternative routes.

8/ Which measures has CHEPLAPHARM taken in order to avoid getting into the above-mentioned difficulties?

Our business continuity teams meet weekly from all the regions to review imports and exports from impacted areas and if necessary prioritize shipments. We hold safety stocks for all active ingredients and finished pharmaceutical goods in order to cope with short-term delivery shortcomings.

Would the situation evolve, we would naturally review and update this list.

CHEPLAPHARM remains reachable for any complement of information.

Kind regards

CHEPLAPHARM Arzneimittel GmbH

Mathias Natschke

Director Supply Chain Management

Investor Relations topics

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