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Significant and sustainable site expansion

With a planned new building under the most modern energy standards, CHEPLAPHARM intends to create more than 300 new office jobs by the end of 2023 and thus significantly strengthen its site in Greifswald. In addition, the company will expand its sites in the spring of 2022 to include a satellite location in the middle of Berlin (Unter den Linden). Another clear sign of the change in energy policy: From now on, all CHEPLAPHARM employees can use the in-house electronic charging stations free of charge.

CHEPLAPHARM is expanding its campus in Greifswald with a new office building under the latest energy standards (EG40EE), creating space for over 300 additional workstations by the end of 2023. In the future, nearly all CHEPLAPHARM employees with office workplaces will be able to work together in one place. The new building is not only a clear commitment to the Greifswald site, but also makes a massive contribution to the company’s sustainable strategy. In order to have the office building constructed as a low-energy building, CHEPLAPHARM has spared no expense or effort: in addition to the EUR 12 million budgeted for the new building, the company is investing an additional EUR 0.5 million for this purpose. By sustainably expanding its site, CHEPLAPHARM is underpinning its intentions to remain one of the region’s most important employers in the future as well.

In 2014, CHEPLAPHARM moved its headquarters to Ziegelhof, laying the foundation for the company complex in the industrial park on the outskirts of Greifswald. Today, the CHEPLAPHARM Campus has three large office buildings with modern glass facades as well as several smaller buildings. Two years ago, in spring 2020, the employees of CHEPLAPHARM were able to move into the second office complex of the campus. One year later, the former warehouse of the company Hillmann und Ploog was converted and ready for CHEPLAPHARM’s employees to move into. Construction work for the additional office complex on the campus of the successful, family-run company will begin this quarter.

“In the current situation, in which more and more companies are downsizing their locations because employees are increasingly working from home, we are pursuing a different strategy: we are significantly expanding our office space! The sense of community and personal exchange in the workplace is a very important building block for CHEPLAPHARM’s success,” commented CEO and founder Sebastian Braun.

In addition, the new building fits in with the company’s sustainability strategy. As a low-energy building, it meets the most modern energy standard EG40EE, according to which it has less than 40% of the maximum legally permissible primary energy requirement. The new office building covers more than 55% of its own energy requirements self-sufficiently by using environmental heat and generating electricity via its own photovoltaic system. The electricity generated from the in house solar system also supplies the charging columns, which can be used by employees free of charge. “Clear signs and an ambitious strategy are needed to drive forward the energy policy change,” says Sebastian Braun. “With these measures, I hope to contribute a small part that a rethinking will take place and that there will be more electronic vehicles in Greifswald and the region in the future.”

In addition to the sustainable expansion of the CHEPLAPHARM Campus in Greifswald, the
pharmaceutical company has been expanding its presence in Germany with a satellite location in Berlin Mitte since the beginning of 2022. The goal is to further increase the attractiveness of CHEPLAPHARM for new applicants and to use the advantages of the location in the capital.

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