Business Development & Partnering

Our experience serves us well as basis for future developments.
Building trust

Business development is a vital aspect of our successful growth strategy.

CHEPLAPHARMs long history of success is portrayed by acquiring and integrating a variety of products. More than 110 acquisitions in more than 120 countries during the past two decades exemplify our wealth of experience.

During this time, we have attained expert knowledge and professionalized our competences and established a network of national and international distribution partners.

For your divestment project, we qualify as a trustworthy and reliable partner.

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Fostering partnership

M&A Partners

Since its foundation, CHEPLAPHARM has established an extensive network of partnerships and strategic alliances. It is our partners who form an essential and solid foundation for our successful and growing business. In this regard, our focus is based on mutual trust, a professional cooperation as well as the commitment to achieve the commonly defined goals. Subsequent to past acquisitions, we work together closely with our partners, thus create long-lasting and productive cooperations.

In order to achieve our vision and to continue our history of success, we always strive to further strengthen our product portfolio and to use synergies.


Distribution Partners

A global partner network and the trustworthy cooperation with our partners are key components for our international expansion strategy and our corporate success.

Due to our partners’ capabilities, their local network to stakeholders as well as their market knowledge, a mutually beneficial partnership evolves. Thanks to these close and individualized collaborations, we jointly promote the further development of our product portfolio.