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Trust in Our Approach

We believe the pharmaceutical industry and society should have a sustainable paradigm that takes into account the full value creation cycle and the needs of all stakeholders. This is the basis of our company strategy.


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Trust is the Basis

Who We Are and What Motivates Us

CHEPLAPHARM is a specialty pharma company that pursues a dynamic high-growth platform approach. We invest in long established and trusted pharma brands, distribute them worldwide and thereby ensure a smooth transition for the patients. Our entire value chain, structure, processes and organisation are geared precisely for this.

Being a global pharmaceutical company, we have laid down binding rules for our team on how to work, think and act in a CHEPLAPHARM Code of Conduct.

You can also find our Code of Conduct as well as our Supplier Code of Conduct here.

Code of Conduct

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CHEPLAPHARM is committed to provide branded products of high quality to patients. We emphasise sustainable product availability for all our customers. It is vital for us to foster a close and professional cooperation with our business partners. They can rely on our trustworthiness and on our way of doing business which is based on respect, tolerance and fairness. We are dedicated to fully integrate acquired products and to duly continue their business.

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The success of our company is based on integrity and the awareness of our social obligations. CHEPLAPHARM is committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations. Violations of legal regulations or of this Code of Conduct can have negative consequences for the individual employee and for CHEPLAPHARM. For this reason, violations will not be tolerated, but will be consistently pursued. To prevent violations, our employees familiarise themselves with the laws and regulations that apply to them and observe the relevant internal company guidelines.

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At CHEPLAPHARM, we are committed to patient safety. In particular, we help to ensure that our products are fit for their intended use and meet the appropriate level of safety, quality, efficacy and performance. We conduct manufacturing operations in compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements. CHEPLAPHARM requires its suppliers and partners to adhere to the same high standards. Also, CHEPLAPHARM oversees the supply chains and conducts audits to monitor compliance with these standards. Our employees involved in the lifecycle management of products are responsible for conducting work in compliance with all applicable procedures related to their job function. Moreover, our employees are encouraged to report complaints, adverse events or similar experiences with our medicinal products immediately via an established reporting system.

CHEPLAPHARM is committed to promoting appropriate communication with patients and patient groups. This includes the development of comprehensive prescribing information for patients and healthcare professionals and to monitor all our medicines for side effects. Upon becoming aware of some unknown side effects, we advise the appropriate authorities and cooperate with them in the action process. Furthermore, we take on the responsibility of keeping our patients safe by preempting and preventing unexpected and unintended events related to our products, e.g., by taking measures to minimalise the risk of counterfeit drugs and by provision of tailored information if queried by patients, health professionals and others.

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CHEPLAPHARM offers an appreciative and motivating working environment. We promote diversity, equal opportunities and tolerance. We are fair and polite in our dealings with employees and business partners. Discrimination and bullying have no place in our company and are resolutely punished. CHEPLAPHARM is interested in providing long-term employment relationships to highly qualified personnel.

Occupational safety and health protection have priority at CHEPLAPHARM. We offer a safe and healthy working environment for all people at CHEPLAPHARM and for visitors in accordance with applicable laws and international standards. We define specific safety goals and make our employees aware of these goals. At the same time, our employees help to ensure a safe and healthy working environment by strictly observing occupational safety and health regulations.

At CHEPLAPHARM, a safe and healthy working environment is defined as a workplace which prevents and manages physical and psychological injuries, which is characterised by cooperation, based on respect and trust, and by individual and organizational competence in preventing and reducing work-related stress. The working environment supports our ambition to be an innovative, adaptable organisation with a high level of integrity.

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CHEPLAPHARM has committed itself to respecting and supporting the internationally proclaimed human rights and ensures to not complicit in human rights abuses. CHEPLAPHARM also observes the prohibition of child labour, the freedom of association and the right of collective bargaining, the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour and the statutory minimum wage requirements and expects the same from its business partners.

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We protect the privacy and personal data of our employees and our business partners and comply with the legal requirements regarding the treatment of personal data. Details on the handling of personal data are governed by the company's internal data protection guidelines.

Questions regarding the handling of personal data can be addressed to our data protection officer André Weinert (datenschutz(at), +49 381 817082 284) at any time.

Questions about IT security are answered by our IT security team (ThirdPartySecurity(at)

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CHEPLAPHARM protects confidential and sensitive information. This applies to information of the company as well as that of its employees and business partners.

The misuse or unauthorised disclosure of confidential and sensitive information can cause considerable damage, weaken the competitiveness of CHEPLAPHARM, give rise to recourse claims and damage the reputation of CHEPLAPHARM. In order to prevent this, our employees observe the relevant provisions in the company's internal guidelines.

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CHEPLAPHARM supports the establishment, maintenance, protection and defence of its intellectual property rights, in particular, its trademark rights. In doing so, CHEPLAPHARM maintains its competitive advantage.

At CHEPLAPHARM, we respect the intellectual property rights of other companies and expect other companies to respect our intellectual property. We do not engage in any kind of industrial espionage.

Prevention of insider trading expand_more

It is prohibited to buy or sell financial instruments of CHEPLAPHARM or any other related company, while possessing non-public information regarding CHEPLAPHARM or any other related company likely to significantly affect the market value of these financial instruments.

Compliance with global trade control laws expand_more

Many markets have laws that govern the import, export or transfer of certain products, items, software or technology. Furthermore, there are domestic controls in many countries to prevent spread and distribution of nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Such controls may include export of certain biological materials, genetically modified organisms, chemicals, biomedical and chemical-handling equipment used in development or production of pharmaceuticals or transfer of information or technology abroad for manufacturing, testing or engineering purposes. CHEPLAPHARM complies with the applicable global trade control laws and reviews all activities involving restricted parties or restricted markets.

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Conflicts of interest may arise in day-to-day business where the interests of CHEPLAPHARM are not aligned with the personal interests of its employees. Conflicts of interest can arise, for example, from an interest in a competitor or business partner, from taking up a secondary occupation or from awarding a contract to close relatives. Any conflict of interest can give the appearance of inappropriate behaviour and thus weaken trust in CHEPLAPHARM.

It is CHEPLAPHARM´s objective to identify conflicts of interest and take steps to eliminate them so that decisions can be made without bias in the spirit of CHEPLAPHARM. Any suspicion of a conflict of interest must therefore be reported immediately to the responsible superior. Questions about conflicts of interest should be answered by the CHEPLAPHARM Compliance Officer or the responsible supervisor.

CHEPLAPHARM ensures free and fair competition. Our employees must comply with the relevant competition and antitrust laws and refrain from any unlawful conduct that could damage competition. This includes, among other things, price agreements restricting competition, market sharing and quantity agreements. Any suspicion of a breach of competition law must be reported immediately to the CHEPLAPHARM Compliance Officer.

CHEPLAPHARM fights all forms of corruption, observes the relevant anti-corruption guidelines and expects the same from its business partners. Our employees do not bribe in order to obtain contracts. This applies both to public officials as business partners, such as employees of public hospitals, and to private individuals in Germany and abroad.

CHEPLAPHARM must not offer or give money or anything else of value either as an inducement to make, or as a reward for making, any decision favourable to the interests of CHEPLAPHARM.

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By partnering with selected organisations, governments and foundations, CHEPLAPHARM works to find solutions that will have a sustained and meaningful impact on global health

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