By taking over the product rights for DORMICUM® and LEXOTAN®, CHEPLAPHARM closes the very successful fiscal year 2018


"As a perfect addition to an already extremely positive year for CHEPLAPHARM, we were able to start another large project in 2018 with F. Hoffmann-La Roche, with whom we maintain a long-established business relationship. With the Closing taking place in January 2019, we will successfully conclude this project", CEO Sebastian F. Braun sums up, pleased about the acquisition of the two known drugs.

"This means that we fully reached all our milestones, especially in terms of sales and earnings. We are very satisfied with what we have achieved and take this as an incentive to continue managing and advancing our company in a powerful and goal-oriented manner."

DORMICUM® (Midazolam) is a prescription drug used for sedation before or during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. With the transaction, CHEPLAPHARM has acquired market authorisations in approximately 70 countries.

LEXOTAN® (Bromazepam) is prescribed for the treatment of anxiety, tension and other somatic or psychiatric conditions associated with anxiety syndrome in approximately 80 countries worldwide.

2018 was in every respect more than successful and can be classified as the most profitable year in the company history. This includes, in particular, the number of new products and the extensive investments based on a new, solid financing structure, the successful integration of more than eighty new employees and the start of construction works for the expansion of our German company headquarters in Greifswald (#cpugrade).

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