Financing Strategy

Trustful dialog.

As a family-owned company, CHEPLAPHARM is not listed on the stock exchange - yet we act capital market oriented. Debt capital plays a very important role in our strategy and growth planning.

When collaborating with our financial market partners, we rely on long-term partnerships that are characterized by openness and trust: we provide all the information needed to assess the development of the company's value. In doing so, we follow the principle of treating all players in the capital market equally - investors, banks or financial analysts. You receive all information at the same time.


Debt Maturity Profile per 31/03/2019

Debt Maturity Profile per 31/12/2018
Debt Maturity Profile per 30/09/2018
Debt Maturity Profile per 30/06/2018
Debt Maturity Profile per 31/03/2018